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PBO Fiber

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PBO Fiber

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PBO Fiber

Our company have new product for the PBO fiber, Chinese name: poly(p-

phenylene benzobisoxazole) fiber, With super high strength, high modulus, 

high temperature resistant and environmental stability characteristics. It is 

recognized as the best comprehensive performance of polymer fiber currently.

we have two kinds of products:filament and spun fiber products.provide free 

samples for customers to use.

PBO Fiber Applications:

1.Aeronautics and Astronautics: spacecraft cabin protection, aircraft engine 

protective domes and hatch protective cover.

2.Military: radar stealthy materials, bullet proof clothing, bullet proof helmets.

3.Civilian: tunnel, bridge concrete strengthening fire protection and high 

temperature furnace with protective clothing, high temperature filtration 

equipment, Athletics sports apparatus, high strength rope, etc.

PBO fiber characteristic parameters:


PBO Fiber Packing :

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